"You've Got a Hair Out of Place - Let ME FIX the Whole in your Head" -  Published February 2021. Purchase your copy now.

You've Got a Hair Out of Place!

You've Got a Hair Out of Place is a fictional Book that holds keys to sexual abuse recover in real life. Choose forgiveness for your own sanity.

Let ME Fix the Whole in Your Head.

What if Our 'Hair out of place' is simply the Talent, the Gift we were born with to restore Peace in/on Earth? What if that Talent, that Gift is misunderstood by most of the Adults in your environment?

Do you often feel like the Adults in your life are all trying to Fix what is already Whole about you?

Then please read the book!

The Book is a journey of a young lady through the misunderstandings, misconceptions of the adult world, and sexual abuse.

Fortunately, early in life she had learned tools for coping with tragedy and moving on to enjoy a Compelling Future.

Through the  pages, Petra/Jamie and Willow trust that they may share Tools with you to overcome fear and Speak Up for Who You Were Created to BE as a Woman of LOVE.

Enjoy reading "You've Got a Hair Out of Place"

Enjoy reading the book "You've Got a Hair Out of Place: Let Me Fix the Whole in your Head". Share your encouraging thoughts with us, a community to become Transparent and Real about life, about love, about the challenges that keep us in fear.

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