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Primal Scream

The Primal Scream - Vent Your Spleen Challenge is something most of us have Imploded to put us in a pain body instead living Free.

DETAILS: Ever felt like you were so FULL OF FeWoDoG

(Fear, Worry, Doubt and Guilt)


But felt Paralyzed Instead?

Let's address that feeling with a few suggestions that may be of benefit to you and your relationships. No one requires 'Stuffing of Feelings'.

Feelings are best Expressed (in a safe environment to a safe listener) or Examined by ones own heart center. Few people have learned to examine their own Persona, their own emotional playground to prosper successfully.

An Emotional Lifestyle Designer (Coach) is a qualified person with whom we can express our feelings without any reproach or judgements. We may even find they are people just like us that have had similar experiences and surfaced with greater wisdom.

By expressing to a person who 'Holds Space' for us, they are like a 'sounding board'. When we hear our inner dialogue voiced, our own InnerNet gives us wisdom. Yes, the listener may give guide lines, but in the end it will be our own Awareness that leads us even further.

Beyond The Scream

The InnerNet may not be a concept most of us are aware of; and yet it can give us a ton of information about ourselves, about our surroundings and a lot more. Once the Scream is over, we can be lead to a Quiet Space of Self-Awareness we were unconscious of before. It is in that quiet space that our Individual InnerNet can download valuable information to us to guide us in a better response for similar situations in the future.