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The inner clown

Clowning with our Inner Clown may release our Daily Stress.

“Today I Focus on Frolicking. I make sure to do something Wonderful for myself.”

Behind the MASK, “Who are YOU?”

I met a 13-year-old Intuitive.

When he was 4 and in a group of people, he would ask his mother

“Why do so many people wear a Mask?”

This Crystal Child could see into the depths of a person and recognized

whether they were playing ‘for real’ or playing ‘a role’.


Where are you in the scheme of things?

Life is about asking the questions: the questions that assist us in the understanding thereof.

3     Questions:

1.   Who is Our Clown?

2.  Where do we Find Our Clown?

3.  Who Stole Our Clown?

Who is Our Clown?

1.        We are not talking about Theatrical Clowns – Professional Clowns; or even prankster Clowns that scare or bring harm to others; though our inner clown could take that route if it is trained by angry and vengeful adults (their body language).

We are identifying with the Clown within each one of us personally and uniquely.

Deep within the Core of Being is the Inner Child. The Inner Child is the most Energy Rich & Vital part of us – the Purest Part of us that is nothing but LOVE.  Within this Rich and Vital Environment is the CLOWN – Essentially an Emotional Being Mimicking our Actions and Reactions. 


Looking at the Word CLOWN gives us some clues – OWN NOW.  The Frolicking, Fun Loving, Playful part of our Inner Child is our CLOWN – Very Present and in the Moment.  Not concerned with the worries of tomorrow or depressed about the past.


The Clown picks up on subtitle details in the Present Moment, and Response in Individual and Unique ways depending on the Reactions of those in the moment.  We look at a small Child and frown – the Child frowns thinking that is the thing to do.


Change the expression to a Big Smile and the Child smiles even to the point of laughter. The Child is expressing its INNER CLOWN. We adults are thrilled with these responses. Yet, little do we recognize that it is our Reactions the Child is reading and mimicking.


We do not recognize that we are setting up Filters within the Child Nature that may or may not make life difficult for them in the future. The frown and grin process may seem funny in a yearling but aggravate us in their teens.  Who trained their CLOWN?

2.     Where do we Find Our Clown?

Inner work of finding the Inner Child and the Love of the Child is where we will find the Clown.

The Clown won’t be found in the noise and rush of life. If it does blurt out, it is usually the Reactive, trained by the vengeful – Reptilian Mind based in Fright or Flight and very self-protection.


As an adult, to find our Clown lost in the growing up process, we often need someone to guide us back to our Inner Child.


3.     Who Stole Our Clown?

In a meditative quiet, after a seeming devastating experience, we get a glimpse when we start to see how bizarre our reaction, or the reaction of someone else was. Hermanizing (Jim Unger’s strong point) a bad or depressing situation may well take us back into contact with our Clown. AND we wonder “Why do we need such strong contrast to help us see clearly?”


Who Stole our Clown? Well, actually Clown isn’t stolen from anyone; Clown is simply hiding, waiting for us to Want to Find again the more relaxed a joyful side of living. However, as we all Learn from the adults and caregivers of our early years, the Sunshine is often Taught out of us. A lot of grown up life is about UnLearning.


The Adult(eration) of life came from well meaning and functional adults; society norms; school; family traditions and beliefs; and political references. All learned to ‘keep us safe’ in whatever the world was like as a child.  Sad part is that we get the idea this is Real Life and Grow Up.


Becoming Trance-Parent again may feel vulnerable and uneasy to begin with; but once we become comfortable in our own skin, we often find our Clown is waiting to express as we destress our lives.


Body Language is the Clowns clue to our feelings and emotions. Picking up on our Body Language, the Clown of another will either mimic or exaggerate the action.


The Clown in us feels and expresses powerful and intense emotions; responding to trivial events in outrageous ways. We sag our shoulders, and the other Clown almost sags to the waist in response. We laugh, and the Clown plays shy; pointing out the fact that we may not be willing to express our own Clown and be laughed at.


Our Clown is the Energy that runs after a Butterfly because it crossed before it’s vision. Very present and in the moment.  Doesn’t matter that someone was trying to get their attention to do something productive.

Clowns have a taste for Exaggeration and Excess.