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The Solution to Social Distancing Regulations - SELFHUGULATION; as we give ourselves a Big Hug, We include all of Humanity in the HUG!

This word came to mind as I was sorting through all the Social Regulations, the Distancing and the way this is so inhuman for Social Humans.

Since our Coaching is based in Finding LOVE from within, I am choosing to share this with you in hopes of you finding the value in this Exercise that I and many of my Clients have found in the last few days.

To LIFT us all above the fear in isolation.


Please Practice this Meditation

Better than Medication.

In this time of No Vaccine

For this Coronavirus Scene.

 Grief in many a heart.

Regulations in every part.

I’ll be the one to start:


Beyond regulation!

Open arms to Creator’s Grace,

Including humanity from every race.

Wrapping all in Arms of Eternal LOVE

We fold everyone in Our own Self-HUG!

 Result beyond measure

As we all see INNER Treasure;

During this Staycation Leisure.

 NOW we find a solution

For this virus revolution:

Beyond regulation.


LOVE from within flows to without!

SELFHUGULATION is floating about.

Eternal LOVE is all I see

As I flow LOVE out of me.