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Faulty Energy Accepted as Reality

We see so much fearfulness right now. So much faulty energy and miss information throughout the Internet and Social media. 


The InnerNet has been forgotten and minimized.

We believe the FEAR and are filled with FeWoDoG

(Fear Worry Doubt Guilt).

Our Life forces are minimized and contracted.

Our breathing is shallow.

Paralyzed in fear we lose our voice - Voiced over by the Fear-mongers determined to fill their greedy pockets with nothingness while they take away liberty. 

STOP the fear - Get acquainted with your InnerNet 

Getting acquainted with your InnerNet again.

Regain ‘The Law of Liberty’ that sets us Free. 

An illustration:  

A Light Fixture was replaced. 

A switch was flipped - No light. 

The bulb was changed twice believing it was burnt out. 

Frustrated the installer decided the fixture was faulty and required returning to the store. 


Before the fixture was taken down, a Switch believed to turn on a different light was flipped.

 This Switch Ignited the bulb in The New Fixture. Amazing!  

What was thought to be faulty in one mind was not.


Get your InnerNet switched on.

Forget Faulty Energy Systems, including 'I thinks'. 


Live LOVE from within to without. 


And then I am asked how I view everyone’s need for the Internet & Instant Information gratification??


A Crutch for the need to make someone else responsible for our lack of taking Self-responsibility. 


EGO thrives on negativity. 

EGO thrives on being ‘The 1st to Know’. 

EGO thrives on 'Going outside of the LOVE Creature we were Created to be' to find the ever-elusive love to complete us.

Yes, they are concerned for the state of another; but we have been taught so little as to how the Energy of our Feelings, Thoughts, and Verbosity moves energy. 


Send LOVE THOUGHTS/FEELINGS and Healing Happens. 

Send Concerned feelings and Healing stops in its tracks confused as to what way we want it to go. 


Let Go of Fear & Let LOVE!