"You've Got a Hair Out of Place - Let ME FIX the Whole in your Head" -  Published February 2021. Purchase your copy now.

Creating Emotional & Environmental Harmony

Emotional Energy rules our lives, whether we are thrilled with the Idea or not. There are no good emotions verses bad until we judge them so.

Yes, we are affected by our Environment. Circumstances, Situation, Attitudes surrounding us all play a part in our enjoyment of life. The toxins, whether mental, emotional, chemical or the attitudes of the people we most associate with. However, the most Powerful is our very own personal Attitude toward those challenges.

Trust your own InnerNet and challenge each issue with Curiosity. Shall we begin?


By way of introduction, you will find a link to my Bio further down the page. In the Footer find our policy and procedures as well as our privacy plan. 

For now, my name is Lois Loyek (along with my alter ego Jamie Gillette Parker).  Out of Emotional mayhem and multiple medical diagnosis and misdiagnosis early in life, I was forced to find a way to stay active and save my 3 small children the education of a Wheelchair Mom by the age of 36. 

Little did I ever dream of being a Law of Attraction Life Coach.  It happened gradually as I was able to Clear the Clutter of Life and Environment and manage Stress as best a body can.

Though I have learned and practiced much, a lot remains to learn.  However, what I do know is that I am being Lead/Forced/Given Power to share the knowledge and experience I have with you, my Reader, my Clients and Associates.  A lot of Free Info is coming to this website as time permits.  Keep watching and please share the link with others www.loisloyek.com

Emotional Understanding

Emotional Understanding starts simply by taking a good hard look at our lives and see how 'the Energy in Motion' is playing out. 

  • Do we like the way we Feel? 
  • Do we like the Energy that comes back to us? 
  • Are we doing the Work we could be doing that makes life Enjoyable? 
  • Are we in the Best Physical Shape we can be?  If not, Why not? 
  • Do we Dress for Success? or
  • Grump around in our PJ's most of the week?
  • Who/What do we feel is holding us back?

  • What is 'The Story' we claim as ours? 
  • Is that a Book that needs to be returned to the Library?
  • Or better yet, deposited in a nearest Dumpster?

Let's take a good look at all of these questions, and even more as we Play/Frolic together and just plan to have fun doing so. 

Who knows! We may even find our own Inner Clown.

Emotional Proof!

That's me the day of our 50th wedding anniversary!

(the photo with the Lavender, I was in my 65th year. 

No Botox, No Dye or make over - simply the 'raw me'.  )

If you require emotional proof that it is possible to crawl out of your 'Fortress or Dungeon' after Sexual Trauma; Debilitating illness; Debilitating Accidents; and Restrictive Relationships:  then please BELIEVE that if I can do it, YOU can too.

I am now mid 70s and still walking, very active and 'Possibly know as Emotionally Stable'. 

Ask my Clients and maybe relatives and see what they say.